What is Systema?

Naturally, people are always asking me this & it’s hard to answer in a few short sentences. You could say Systema is a way of being – a state.

At its core, Systema is about understanding how you manage yourself & your interactions with others. A system that can be applied to anything challenging or stressful that you face in your life:

  • Public speaking, job interviews or dates
  • Sports & competitions
  • Parenting & relationships
  • Defending yourself & your loved ones

In Systema, we start by cultivating good health. We use breathing, movement, exercise & even massage to build a body that’s relaxed, versatile & strong and a mind that’s calm, clear & present.

We then look to test & fortify this mind/body state by progressively working in more & more challenging scenarios. Combat situations dealing with strikes, kicks, groundwork, weapons or multiple opponents.

On the surface Systema is a martial art, but through training these four principles – breath, relaxation, movement, structure – we develop a more refined operating system. Who wouldn’t want that?

The best way to learn about Systema is to try it – watching a travel show isn’t the same as going on holiday!

I teach on Mondays & Wednesday and I’m offering a free trial lesson to anyone coming along & mentioning this blog post.

Hope to see you soon