Time to update your operating system?

Apple released the first iPhone in 2007. Since then they have released seven major iOS upgrades that have helped to make the iPhone the stunning success that it is.

iPhone 6

Regular updates to iOS help to make the iPhone such a stunning success

It isn’t just the iPhone – we’re all far too familiar with updating the operating systems of our various phones, tablets & computers.

…but when was the last time you considered your own operating system? The software that you use to operate that computer you carry around in your skull?

The attitudes, habits & responses that you have developed over the years that make you behave & function the way you do. Your myOS, if you will.

When was the last time you updated that? Have you been as conscientious with your self, as you have with your phone?

Systema offers you the tools to perform just such an update.

The complete system of health & combat training will take you to deeper levels of self knowledge, helping you to understand how to get the very best out of yourself.

Regular training will ensure that your mind, body & soul are working together to keep you operating at your optimum level.

  • Discover the power of breath
  • Develop relaxation
  • Release years of accumulated tension & stress
  • Re-learn natural & free movement
  • Become physically & mentally stronger
  • Overcome your fears
  • Build true self-confidence: an ironclad belief in yourself & your ability to cope with any situation

Systema gives you the key to updating your myOS, the operating system for the way you function as a person. The update you deserve. The update that’s long overdue.

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