Systema saved my life

Slipping by Maurizio Carpani from the Noun Project

It’s no exaggeration to say that Systema saved my life last night.

We were crossing a road on our way back from watching the football (England knocking Columbia out of the World Cup – on penalties).

We were climbing over a low wall with raised bedding that acts as the central reservation (yes I know, not a safe place to cross but we’d had one or two ales – did I mentioned England won on penalties!)

As I stepped down off the wall, I turned my ankle & started to fall. As I fell I saw a car coming towards me &, while going to the ground, was able to align myself into the kerb – narrowly missing a facefull of car.

Had I simply sprawled into the road, I would have been hit. Had I rolled, I again would have ended up in the road & been hit.

Instinctively applying the Systema principles allowed me fall in a calm & relaxed way, into the safest place that kept me from being seriously injured or worse.

Funnily enough we’d been studying falling at the club the night before & we’d been saying what an important life skill falling is. I’m now utterly convinced of that – thank you Systema.

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