New in 2018: Systema Health Classes

I’m pleased to announce that, from January, we will be offering Systema Health Classes.

The first class will be on the 3rd January at 7:30pm.

Breathing is life. It is the basis of everything. So you have to utilize this resource to the most that you can. Vladimir Vasiliev.

Systema Health classes are similar to our regular Systema classes as we will be working on the same four pillars of Systema: breath, relaxation, movement & structure.

These seemingly simple principles are the foundations of everything we do in Systema…& the benefits readily transfer into – & transform – our daily lives.

The only difference between the health class & the regular class, is that there is no combat element. You won’t be learning how to defend yourself from external enemies in the health class. Instead, you’ll ‘simply’ be working on mastery of yourself.

As I’ve mentioned before, Systema training is like updating your operating system.

The Systema Health classes are suitable for anyone & everyone, regardless of gender, age, size/shape or fitness level. However, this will be an adult class for over 18s.

Join the Systema Health class to…

  • Reduce stress & tension from the body & mind
  • Increase your mobility & develop smooth, natural movement
  • Be more relaxed in the body & calmer in the mind
  • Learn to cope with anxiety & fear
  • Improve your fitness
  • Develop a healthy body
  • Know yourself better

The video below explains a little more about the class & what to expect.


Class location

Classes will be on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm – 8:30pm. They will be held at the All Saints Church Hall, Downshire Square (between Bath Road and Tilehurst Road).

Systema Health classes will be held in All Saints Hall, Reading

All Saints Church Hall
Downshire Square

As you can see it’s a nice bright hall. It’s centrally located with, good public transport access & also has off-road parking.

Class prices

  • Trial classes cost £10 for two lessons. Use the button below to purchase your 2 lesson trial voucher (via PayPal).
  • Thereafter, the cost for the Health class will be £20 pcm.
  • If you’d like to attend both the health class & the regular class, the cost will be £35 pcm.

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