Life changing gift for £10!

It’s no exaggeration to say that one Systema class could change your life…it did mine.

From 3rd of January, I’ll be running Systema Health classes in addition to the regular classes. A 2 lesson trail cost just £10 and makes a great gift!

I’d been training martial arts for a number of years when I took my first Systema class and I thought I moved pretty well.

However, after that first lesson, I found a new freedom in my movement. That one class revealed the tension that I’d previously been oblivious to and I knew I had to continue with this training.

Now, Systema Reading is 3 years old & during that time I’ve been helping other people make positive changes to their lives. To take this further, I’ll be offering a second weekly class in 2018. A health class to make the benefits of Systema accessible to more people.

All thanks to that one class. The pebble that caused the ripples that lead me here. That lead you here.

…who knows where TWO lessons could take someone?

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