Free to be your natural best

Systema – The System

Systema is Russian for the system. Yes, it refers to the set of principles that we use in our practice. The methodology we follow when training, but it also relates to you as a system – a complex set of parts working together as an interconnected whole.

Systema frees you

The system that is Systema, liberates the system that is you.

The aim in Systema is to return you to your natural state. One that is calm, relaxed & free.

Rediscovering the freedom of movement you felt as a child: uninhibited, spontaneous, energetic, healthy & fun.

You aren’t asked to replicate the movements of anyone else (no katas or techniques to mimic here). Instead a rediscovery of your own unique way of moving.

Along the way you’ll discover a versatility that helps you become powerful, capable & in control.

Come along & experience it for yourself. New Health classes start Wednesday 3rd January.

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