Cross Training: Systema Training with other martial art training

I’ve been asked if I think that training in Systema while training in another martial art would be a problem.

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Cross training

My answer is no, I’m of the opinion that Systema training would complement any other martial art training that you participate in.

The are a few reasons that I say this:

  • In Systema training there are no forms, katas, stances or specific techniques that would conflict or contradict your current training.
  • Systema training will help you to identify & release tension in your body & mind, enabling you to move more freely, more naturally.
  • Systema also works on the psyche, helping you to understand how you react under stress & fear.
  • Systema will also help you identify your limitations & give you ways of increasing your capacity to cope.

I believe that improvements in these areas would benefit any martial artist.

My experience of Systema Cross Training

Coming from Aikido, where training is quite prescribed, I’ve found the drills in Systema training very liberating. They give me freedom to explore & be creative.

I’ve also discovered a much deeper level of relaxation through Systema & I’m able to bring this back into my Aikido training.

Working with strikes is also proving to be beneficial. Learning to feel what it’s like to hit & to be hit is important because during a fight you will get hit & you will be hitting back. It’s better to learn about this while training than during a real attack.

I find the breath work is helping me to remain calm & highlights the tensions I have in my body & in my psyche. It’s only once we are aware of these that we can do anything about them.

As we say in Systema: Know Yourself.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of Systema for yourself, then please come along & try a class or two. I think it’s fair to say that a couple of classes won’t impact on your current martial art training & by then you’ll be able to form your own opinions.

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