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Self-massage with balls (video)

A short video showing the use of balls for self-massage, an effective way to release tension from the body. In the video, I introduce the simple principles involved & demonstrate some of the ways you can use the balls to massage the upper body while working against a wall.   You can purchase the types… Read more »

An Introduction to Systema Breathing (video)

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust are running an initiative aimed at improving staff wellbeing. I produced this video, which introduces some Systema breathing as part of this initiative. It introduces some of the key principles of Systema & Systema breathing, guiding you through a series of breathing patterns that you can practice to help you relax & reduce tension… Read more »

Video of outdoor class

It was far too nice to be inside last Monday so we took advantage of the good weather & went outside to train. This short video clip shows the class working on some progressions that involved striking with different body parts.

Systema demo video

Here’s a brief video compilation of clips from the Systema demos we did at this year’s “It’s Your Life” event. The event was held at Rivemead Leisure complex in Reading back in November. We had a stand at the event & did a couple of short demos too. I was helped in the demos by… Read more »

Systema Twins Seminar Videos

Just a quick post to share a couple of videos from the Systema Twins seminar that was held in Wiltshire last month. I was fortunate enough to used in a few demos & the videos below show Brendon Zettler demonstrating some work on me. Systema work against strikes Systema work against grabs