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What is Systema?

Naturally, people are always asking me this & it’s hard to answer in a few short sentences. You could say Systema is a way of being – a state. At its core, Systema is about understanding how you manage yourself & your interactions with others. A system that can be applied to anything challenging or… Read more »

Learning a new skill is as easy as A,B,C

Learning a new skill (like Systema) is as easy as A,B,C. Aim Begin Continue A is for Aim definition: a result that your plans or actions are intended to achieve. synonyms: work towards, set one’s sights on, try for, strive for, pursue, seek, aspire to, endeavour to achieve, have in view, have designs on, wish… Read more »

Cross Training: Systema Training with other martial art training

Sweaty man doing a pushup on his fists

I’ve been asked if I think that training in Systema while training in another martial art would be a problem. My answer is no, I’m of the opinion that Systema training would complement any other martial art training that you participate in. The are a few reasons that I say this: In Systema training there are no… Read more »